How to cancel linkedin premium

LinkedIn has become an indispensable platform for professionals worldwide, offering networking opportunities, job searching, and career growth. LinkedIn Premium, a subscription-based service, offers enhanced features to help users stand out and maximize their LinkedIn experience. However, there might come a time when you decide to cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription.

Whether it’s due to budget constraints, changes in career plans, or simply a desire to switch back to the free version, canceling LinkedIn Premium is a straightforward process. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription effectively.

Understanding LinkedIn Premium

cancel linkedin premium
cancel linkedin premium

LinkedIn Premium offers several benefits over the free version, including advanced search options, insights into who’s viewed your profile, and the ability to send InMail messages to people outside your network. Additionally, Premium subscribers receive access to LinkedIn Learning courses and can see more extensive salary insights.

Despite these valuable features, there are situations where users may decide to discontinue their Premium subscription. The cancellation process varies depending on how you initially subscribed and the platform you’re using (desktop or mobile). Let’s dive into the steps to cancel LinkedIn Premium.

Cancelling LinkedIn Premium on Desktop

If you’re using the LinkedIn website on your desktop, follow these steps to cancel your Premium subscription:

  1. Log In: Visit the LinkedIn website and log in to your account using your credentials.
  2. Access Premium Subscription: Click on your profile picture, usually located in the upper-right corner. From the dropdown menu, select “Access My Premium.”
  3. Manage Premium Subscription: On the Premium page, locate the “Manage Premium account” section. Click on the “Manage” link next to your subscription details.
  4. Cancel Subscription: You’ll be directed to the Premium Subscription page, where you can see your current subscription plan. Click on the “Cancel Subscription” link.
  5. Cancellation Reason: LinkedIn will ask you to provide a reason for canceling.
  6. Confirmation: After selecting your cancellation reason, LinkedIn will offer you a chance to reconsider your decision.
  7. Confirmation Email: You’ll receive an email confirming the cancellation of your LinkedIn Premium subscription. Keep this email for your records.

Cancelling LinkedIn Premium on Mobile

If you’re using the LinkedIn mobile app on iOS or Android, the steps to cancel your Premium subscription are slightly different:

  1. Open the App: Launch the LinkedIn app on your mobile device and log in to your account if prompted.
  2. Access Premium Features: Tap on your profile picture at the top left or your profile picture thumbnail at the top right to access the “Me” section.
  3. Manage Premium Subscription: Scroll down to the “Premium Subscription” section and tap on “Manage Premium Account.”
  4. Cancel Subscription: On the Premium page, tap on the “Cancel Subscription” link. You might be required to enter your device’s password or use biometric authentication for security.
  5. Cancellation Reason: Similar to the desktop process, you’ll be asked to provide a reason for canceling. Choose the appropriate reason.
  6. Confirm Cancellation: Tap “Continue to Cancel” to confirm your decision to cancel the subscription.
  7. Confirmation Email: Check your email for a confirmation message regarding the cancellation.

Important Considerations

  • Billing Cycle: After canceling, you’ll continue to have Premium access until the end of your current billing cycle. You won’t be charged again after the current cycle ends.
  • Downgrade to Basic: After your Premium subscription ends, your account will automatically revert to the Basic (free) version of LinkedIn. You won’t lose any connections, posts, or information.
  • Access to Premium Features: While you won’t have access to Premium features after canceling, your LinkedIn account and connections will remain intact.
  • Reactivation: If you decide to re-subscribe to Premium in the future, you can do so through the same process. Keep in mind that your Premium benefits might have changed since your previous subscription.

LinkedIn Premium offers valuable tools and features for professionals looking to make the most of their online networking and career growth. However, there are valid reasons for canceling the subscription, ranging from financial considerations to changes in career plans. Whatever the reason, LinkedIn has streamlined the cancellation process, making it relatively easy to revert to the free version of the platform.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, users can confidently cancel their LinkedIn Premium subscription while preserving their connections and data. Remember that you can always choose to re-subscribe to Premium in the future if your circumstances change, allowing you to continue leveraging the platform’s premium features for your professional journey.


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